401 Saddle Ridge Lane Inspection

Here's da new house!!! Overall in pretty good shape, and nothing all that unexpected for a nearly 20 year old home.

There's miscellaneous minor exterior paint and some wood rot issues. They haven't maintained control over the trees, which are starting to overrun the yard and house in a few areas, especially the soft pine at the garage area, which is completely out of control. They haven't maintained the yard all that well, and there's a lot of clover. The sump pump is dead, and there's a hot water flow issue that will need to be addressed before closing. The windows are showing age but still okay. Only one window might have had a bad seal, but a bunch of them had bad or broken sashes. A few windows had broken screens or screens that were bowing out. The roof is showing age but still okay. The house has tri-zone climate control, with the big heat pump for the upper two levels being new in 2014, which is good. The other two units are original and really old, but still working.

Sellers will need to fix the hot water flow issue for sure. There's only enough hot water pressure to operate one shower at a time, which isn't gonna work for us at all, and will decide on the rest after we get the formal inspection report from the home inspector. Kids have already been BANNED from the front office area with the closing door. Halle-freakin-lujah! :) 

We love the front yard! Need to do some pretty serious tree maintenance, and remove that out of place Japanese maple bush in the background. Once that's done, plenty of space to kick soccer balls around, entertain and have parties, and put up our tent for some outdoor camping. Can't wait! :)


  • Yard and lawn restoration, and some pretty serious tree maintenance needed. Does anybody want that 2-3 ft high Japanese maple bush in the background above? No idea what the point of that is, and don't like it at all. 
  • Miscellaneous minor exterior paint and carpentry work needed.
  • Will want to redo the kitchen at some point, after seeing our friend Vinita's, and Megan's in progress!!
  • The basement is about 1000 sq.ft and completely unfinished. We'll finish about half of that with another bedroom and full bath, and then a den / recreational area, leaving the other half for in home storage.

Should be fun! Closing June 30th! We're excited!! :)