Testicular Cancer Summit Guest Speaker - Jason Greenspan


Jason Greenspan, the founder of Stamp Out Cancer Now! was diagnosed with Testicular Cancer when he was 18 years old in his senior year of high school. Stamp Out Cancer Now! is a fundraiser and Testicular Cancer campaign designed to bring more awareness of this type of cancer to young men and college students. Jason has been able to share his story by appearing on numerous television news segments, local talk shows, newspaper & magazine articles, and even the radio. He regularly attends fundraising events and is often a guest speaker, speaking about his own cancer journey. Jason is a Marketing major at Shippensburg University, graduating in December 2017.

When Jason was diagnosed, he was planning for his prom and awaiting graduation. This was supposed to be the time of his life: enjoying time with friends and finishing high school before entering the real world. Just before his prom, while he was watching television, he had an itch that ended up being the most important itch he would ever experience. After visiting his doctor a few days later, he got the news that would change his life forever. The doctor told him that he had Testicular Cancer and was going to need surgery to remove the tumor. Jason felt like his life was now on hold. He was supposed to go to his prom, graduation, and then college in the fall. After his surgery, he needed to have nine weeks of chemotherapy which became some of the most difficult days of his life.

Since he was diagnosed, Jason has made a strong presence in the cancer community. Within weeks of being diagnosed, he created his own fundraiser called, Stamp Out Cancer Now! In his first year of college, he became Sponsorship Chair for the Colleges Against Cancer club. Each year he has increased his position, landing him as the current President of the club. This summer, Jason became a Board Member of the Testicular Cancer Awareness Foundation while interning at Johns Hopkins Hospital with another TCAF board member, Dr. Phillip Pierorazio. He researches about Testicular Cancer and plans survivor events.

Jason is looking forward to the Testicular Cancer Summit because it is a great way for all members of the Testicular Cancer community to come together and interact. He will be able to share his story with others, but also learn from other Testicular Cancer survivors as well! There will be survivors from all over the world and many Testicular Cancer foundations, as well as world renowned doctors who specialize in the treatment of Testicular Cancer. With all these elements and this being the first event of its kind anywhere in the world, the event is sure to be a major success! Jason will be speaking about his cancer journey as a student in high school and the impact it had on his life. He will also be discussing what young men can do to be more active about Testicular Cancer awareness in their own communities.

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Jason Greenspan
Stamp Out Cancer Now!
Rockville, MD