Testicular Cancer Summit Guest Speaker - Steve Pake

Most that know me in the cancer community know that I wear quite a few hats. First and foremost, I'm an individual survivor just like everyone else. We've all faced this disease, feared for our lives and our families, gone through treatments and surgeries, and then lived through the continued horror and challenges of the survivorship years after. I was fully aware that I'd had an untapped gift for writing, and the sum of this experience of cancer as a young adult just gave me a calling to tap into that for the first time in my life, which has turned into an award-winning cancer blog.

I've now become a recognized writer on the topic of young adult cancer, with blogs that have reached hundred of thousands if not millions across the world on multiple platforms. By pure chance and amazing synchronicity with another writer and survivor wanting to do the same thing, I'm also the Co-Founder and Co-Chair of this Testicular Cancer Summit as one of those individual survivors. One of my nearest and dearest roles, however, was as a Director at the Testicular Cancer Awareness Foundation, where I'd been a blogger since 2014. On behalf of TCAF Founder and CEO, Kim Jones, I'm excited to share with you some of the story and mission of the Testicular Cancer Awareness Foundation. 

There are a lot of great cancer community non-profit organizations that I could have joined when I decided to become a young adult cancer advocate, but what is it that really drew me to the Testicular Cancer Awareness Foundation specifically? What is it about TCAF that just clicked and connected with me when I had offers to join other groups, and what sorts of things are we doing today? I'm very much looking forward to sharing not just the story of the Testicular Cancer Awareness Foundation, but of my story with TCAF, how I've grown with the organization, the amazing things that TCAF does in the community, and the opportunities we have for those looking to give back.

I'll see you at the Summit not just wearing my Summit founder hat, but wearing my Testicular Cancer Awareness Foundation hat as well!

Steve Pake
Former Director, Testicular Cancer Awareness Foundation
Co-Founder and Chair, Testicular Cancer Summit