Do It Now, Sometimes Later Becomes Never

Do I even really need to post this one? It's a lesson that's been drilled home not just once, but a few times with me. I always had my entire life in front of me and plenty of time to do everything I wanted, until I was diagnosed with cancer. Ever since then, there's never been a such things as next year, or 5 or 10 years from now, or "when I retire". I don't have a life plan like that anymore. It's a foreign concept to me now, and it's not just because I had cancer as a young adult.

Whether it's rare diseases, or sudden deaths due to tragedy, or so many other things, my how we've seen just how quickly lives can end or change so suddenly, and then you're not able to do what you've wanted to do anymore, or anything at all. The only thing predictable about life for us, is that it's not predictable. Life is fluid and constantly changing, and we have to learn to go with the flow, and that the flow can also end, without rhyme or reason.

Life after cancer is tough. One one hand, we quickly realize just how precious our lives and our time here is, but on the other hand, our fears can rule us and paralyze us from living our dreams, and doing the things we've wanted to do. Don't allow your fears to rule you. You have a second chance now, and there might not be a third. Go! Live! Do what you've always wanted to do, and make those dreams a reality. You don't need anyone's permission.