If "Plan A" didn't work, keep your cool; the Alphabet has 25 more letters


Cancer is a whole new reality, a whole new set of life circumstances, and a whole new set of challenges to adjust to that requires growth, change, and evolution. Chances are, you're NOT going to get everything right the first time, and that's okay. Keep retooling and readjusting your life until you have the right people, the right approach, and the right philosophy for life that can take you to the next level.

From "Five Years Ago Today", still on the front page of my website, or go to StevePake.com > Archives > February 14th, 2016.

"I'm not the same person that I was five years ago. I’ve crashed and burned to the ground hard three times in these past five years, not just from the shock of a cancer diagnosis as a young adult, but from all of the struggles to evolve and grow into life after cancer. That’s three times since being diagnosed with cancer, that I've felt completely shattered and broken inside, and have had to give up so much of what I'd believed about life, and start over. One doesn't simply do an about face on decades of programming and expectations about life in an instant. It takes time measured in years to heal and evolve, to slowly let go of the old, and to finally grow into our post-cancer realities."

Plan A is long since gone for me, and I'm not even on Plan B, C, or D anymore. I think this is more like Plan E or F for me. If something isn't working out, let it go without apology, and keep adjusting and recalibrating your life until you feel whole and complete. You don't have to apologize to anybody for making changes in your life. The only person in this world walking in your shoes, and living your reality, is you.