It's Okay If Other People Don't Understand Your Life


I'm 39 years old, and have finally reached the last year of my 30's. My life experience over these past ten years of life has been that of constantly having the carpet ripped out from underneath you, and not just learning to get back up again, but learning to do so with a smile. It's not just being diagnosed with cancer at the age of 33 that I speak of, but numerous other life experiences of the same caliber that have really knocked my family and I down. We just keep getting back up again, learn to smile through it all, and always come back better and stronger than ever.  

I don't expect other people to be able to understand my life, my values, nor what I believe in. They've not had these experiences for themselves, and even I struggle to wrap my head around all that life has put my family and I through. It's okay. I no longer worry about being the only one, or that other people don't understand. What's important is love and not judgement, and dialog and not assumption. I'm the only one that walks in my shoes, and how many people would end up thinking and believing the same as me, had they experienced all that I had for themselves?

It's okay to just be you, and to do what's right for you. Nobody else has to understand.