People Will Never Truly Understand Something Until It Happens To Them

Some of my nearest and dearest friends, people who've been named or pictured in some of my blogs and have been along for this ride with me in various ways, have said that they can't possibly understand or even imagine what this has been like to go through. 

God bless them for that, but I try, and we all should. It's only through a broader understanding of the challenges we face, and what our lives are really like as cancer survivors, that care and support for all of us will improve. This is a good problem to have. A generation ago, so many of us wouldn't even be here today, but instead would have died "after a long illness". There were no cures back then. It's a blessing to be alive today, but they're not easy lives to live. So many of us have numerous and significant challenges that we face in our lives after cancer. Bear your hearts, share your stories, and help that broader understand of the plight of cancer survivors come to fruition. We can make it happen.