People's Eyes Tell Me More About Them Than Their Mouths

As a cancer survivor, I've had 99 things on my mind, 99 things that have been hurting me, and 99 things that I've needed to heal from. The last thing I've ever needed is something or someone external to that, dragging me down even further. While in such distressed states, I've needed to be able to look someone in their eyes and just know that they're with me, that their hearts and their intentions towards me are pure, and I've needed to feel their strength, their confidence, and their positive energy as my own, because lord knows I've needed every bit of it. I can't have anyone dragging me down. A person's eyes are the windows into their souls. They give it all away. Listen to what your instincts are telling you about people, and use that as your guide to find the people that you need to help pull you through such difficult times, and to discard those that are no good for you. Eyes give it all away.