Sometimes You Just Have To Remove People Without Warning

As cancer survivors, we already have 99 things on my mind that are hurting us, that we're worried about, or afraid of. The last thing we need, is something or someone external to that adding to that burden. I don't have the time, and don't have the energy. I'm already hurting inside and now you're hurting me too. You just need go. It doesn't mean I hated you, and I might have even loved you. I just couldn't stand to be hurt anymore. 

One of the most challenging, painful, and awkward things I've ever had to do as a cancer survivor, is to cut people off. Yes, disrupting personal relationships can be messy, painful, and chaotic, but you'll be so much better off in the end. Not only will you free yourself of additional sources of pain, but your heart and your mind will be open to new opportunities. Not only will you find people that are so much better for you, but you'll find those that can truly add to your life rather than subtract, and life will be so much better better in the end. Never hesitate to axe negative and toxic people out of your life, and there's absolutely no need to apologize, either!