You Can Go Through a Great Deal of Darkness, Yet Become Something Beautiful


A follower made a post, and asked an intriguing question. She asked, if you could go back and change just one thing in your life, would you? If you did, would that change make your life better? Or, was the one thing that was tearing you apart so intensely, the catalyst for the most intense breakthrough, change, and growth in your life that you could ever have imagined?"

I responded, the things that have torn me apart are what have made me into what I am today. I'm very proud of how I've grown through all of my challenges and through what life has thrown my way. I'm very proud of what I've become, and I think sometimes we were meant to hurt and suffer in our lives, so that we would have the opportunity to grow and evolve in such ways. I would not be even a fraction of the person that I am today without all of the challenges that I've faced in my life. Cancer, bizarre life situations, and a few very hurtful people, have all played a part and served a higher purpose in helping me to evolve, and become the person that I am today. I wouldn't change a thing.