You Either Get Bitter, Or You Get Better

I can't change the fact that I had cancer. I can't change the fact that it wrecked me in so many ways physically, mentally, and spiritually. But I can control how I respond to being wrecked, and keep getting back up again. :) You can't control what life might throw at you, all you can control is how you respond and your attitude. Keep getting up, keep trying new things, and keep going in new directions, until you find a way to overcome and thrive, no matter how extraordinary. "Your attitude is everything, and is a self-fulfilling prophecy. No matter what it is that you’re facing, if you believe in yourself with all of your heart and soul and believe that you’ll find a way to cope, to heal, or to overcome, you’ll find that way no matter how difficult. If you don’t believe in yourself, not only will you not find what you need, but you’ll prolong your own suffering and pain. Never give up, never stop believing in yourself, and keep your heart and your mind open. Surround yourself with positive and uplifting people that believe in you too, who can help to carry you during the times you might stumble."