The Inn at Little Washington


The first time my wife and I dined at the The Inn at Little Washington in December of 2012, I had no idea it would become an annual tradition for us. The truth was, I wasn't doing so well as a cancer survivor at that point. My physical health was fine and my most recent checkup the week prior had been an all clear, but I was just spooked. I had recently lost a fellow young adult cancer warrior friend and would soon lose another, and it was during this time, nearly two years from my own cancer diagnosis, that all of this unknown mental baggage I was carrying after cancer was finally finding its way to the surface. I had been okay, but then I suddenly wasn't okay anymore, and was really struggling inside. I had no idea what The Inn was about, or how I was going to enjoy what was supposed to be a very special dinner celebrating my wife's birthday while feeling so spooked, but enjoy it I did. We had no idea what Michelin stars were or even meant, or that The Inn would earn two of them a few years later. I felt like I was enjoying an exotic "last meal" with the woman I loved, and it was a truly amazing and unforgettable experience. 

It took me all of the following year in 2013 to get myself on an even keel again after the severe mental health issues I experienced as a cancer survivor. Life after cancer isn't easy, and our trip to The Inn that year was exactly what I needed. It was a disruption, a change of pace, a change of scenery, a breathe of fresh air, a romantic occasion, and a truly amazing world-class meal with the Michelin stars to prove it. We stayed in one of the rooms at the Inn, and it was a nice little escape from my very painful inner world that I suddenly found myself in, and The Inn has been a very special place to me ever since.

Our first trip to The Inn at Little Washington helped to reset me, reset my mind, and taught me some very important things. It taught me the importance of little getaways like these, and to always take time out for yourself. The Inn also turned me into a foodie! Only a select elite few could eat Michelin star rated food every night, but you have to eat, so why not eat well? To this day, we love our foodie adventures around the DC area, and on vacations and with family and friends. There's a reason why I choose The Inn at Little Washington to launch the food section of my website! The Inn is truly a special place to us, and far more than a two Michelin Star establishment. It's a romantic little getaway, an amazing meal, and a journey and an escape from our busy and hectic lives in the DC suburbs to spend just with each other. 

It's worth the journey every time.