Steve's Dash Camera Archives

There's no shortage of totally moronic drivers here in the Washington, DC suburbs of Montgomery County, MD. I've been using a dash camera for three years now, since May of 2015, and currently have nearly 100GB of footage and over 600 clips of completely ridiculous driving. I got a dash camera as "insurance", because I felt it was a matter of not if but "when" I simply wouldn't be able to avoid one of these fools and there'd be an accident, and wanted a dash camera for true documentation of the incident!! No accidents yet *knock on wood*, but the cameras are always rolling in our vehicles!


I haven't quite decided how I want to structure things on this page yet, but here it is as a placeholder. :-)

April 29, 2018

Three near t-bone incidents within days due to complete idiots pulling out without even looking?? And the first two were both completely separate incidents on the same freaking dash camera clip within 20 seconds of each other? Hello??? I used to say it was merely a "critical mass" of idiots here, but no, it's beyond that!! My dash camera has a very wide angle, so these incidents were all a lot closer than they looked.