20 Years Ago I Met This Girl

20 Years Ago I Met This Girl...

I was a freshman at Penn State University in the Fall of 1996. Her name was Debbie Lin, Chang-Ching Debbie Lin actually, and she was from Taiwan. We met, and things just clicked. Don't ask me how I knew. Call it divine intuition, a bit of a sixth sense or whatever you wish, but I just knew that she was the one. I had never dated a girl before, not even in high school. I think I just knew deep inside, that when I met the one that I was meant to be with in this life, that I would just know, and that there was no need to waste time or suffer heartbreak with anyone else who wasn't the one

I didn't expect to meet her so quickly, the first week of my freshman year of college, but I'm not gonna complain! And so here we are, 20 blissful years, 12 years of marriage (on October 16th), and 2 awesome kids later. How is it even possible that it's been 20 years?? My God, what a ride. The times we've shared in these 20 years - we've been through so much together. We sacrificed so many years apart early on as we pursued our educations and launched our careers, at a time when most people still connected to the Internet with a phone modem! There's been my cancer fight 5 years ago, other terrible health crises and tragedies within our families, and unbelievably, even a few people that have actually tried to drive a wedge between us or split us apart. We've certainly faced some quite unexpected challenges in our lives and continue to do so, but my God, look at all of these photos.

Top: Penn State, Chicago, and Rome, Italy. Middle: Taiwan, Shenandoah NP, St Lucia, Rehoboth Beach, Mt Rainier, Siena, Italy and the Outer Banks, NC. Bottom: Singapore, New York City, Chicago, and Seattle.

These are just the tip of the iceberg, a mere sampling of the fun and amazing times we have together over the past 20 years. Every moment with each other has been pure joy, and no matter what life has thrown at us, we've always come out better, stronger, more appreciative of each other, and even more in love. The terrible trials that life has put us both through have only made us realize just how fragile and precious life really is, and how wonderful it is to have a love like this to help you through all of these times. We take nothing for granted in our lives, and in our love for each other.

20 Years.

Life truly is a journey and an adventure. We've travelled the world, done so many amazing things, and shared so many joyous moments with each other. This love and joy that we share with each other more than makes up for the challenging times. We're both hoping that our next 20 years are a bit less eventful, but whatever happens, there's no one else I'd rather be on this amazing journey of life with than Debbie. There are plenty of things that I've doubted in my life, like if I'd ever live to see a milestone like this having been through what we have. Not once through it all have I ever had even the slightest momentary doubt about this truly amazing and incredibly beautiful woman that's been by my side for 20 years now. I'm a truly blessed man. We can never know what's going to happen in the future, but we have so much to look forward to together in this adventure of ours, I pray that it's a long one, and I can't wait for whatever is next.

As long as it's with you, I know that all will be right in my world.

I Love You.


Debbie and I in St Lucia, October 2012, the trip where we put ourselves back together again after cancer. Remember it like it was yesterday! :)


Happy 20 Year Anniversary to Us!  

And we couldn't have been blessed with two more awesome kids than these! Love Katie (9) and William (7) so much. When times have been rough, these two kids have brought so much joy and silliness into our lives, as if the world knew that we would both be pushed beyond our limits, and blessed us with these two incredible souls to help us in our journeys. Such blessings and pure joy! 

Katie (9) and William (7), pure joy and the love of our lives.