Today, I Give Thanks

It's Thanksgiving 2016, and today I am thankful. 

This year, my family and I have been hurt in so many ways, by so many people, and in ways we didn't ever think we could possibly be hurt. We have been betrayed and forced to go to war, we have faced tragic loss in our family from the most unconscionable of circumstances, and have been disrespected and stabbed in the back just for good measure, because apparently we hadn't been hurt enough this year, and needed to be hurt some more. We've been gutted. We've grieved. We've been hollowed out, and have once again been forced to reset our lives and our expectations. After this year, the only thing we know is that we don't know, and that the only thing that's ever certain, is uncertainty. We've been hurt, disappointed, let down, and have been burned out, and just want to be done with this wretched year.    

But we're still thankful.

We're thankful to still be here, and to still be standing strong after such a terrible year. We're thankful to be surrounded by some incredible friends who have kept us feeling whole, and that we didn't lose our minds when we were close. We're thankful that through it all, we've never stopped living and enjoying our lives and have still had a fantastic year, even if so much pain in the background had put a damper on things from time to time. We're thankful that despite how hurt we've been, that we've still had the strength to be pillars of support for others in need.

I'm thankful for this day with my family that I love. I'm thankful for a break from the daily grind, and an extended weekend. It's an opportunity to heal a little bit more, a chance to get our bearings, and to set the new course in life that we need. Yesterday, we were hurting, but tomorrow will be better, and we're so very thankful for that too. 

Happy Thanksgiving!