Happy 9th Birthday Krazy Katie!

Happiest of Happy 9th Birthdays to our beloved Krazy Katie! We were actually in Taiwan over Spring Break for her birthday on April 3rd, but finally had a party for her a few weeks later once we were back. 

Katie has made us so proud this year. She's getting so big and growing up so fast. It's amazing to see her curiosity about the world expand, and her grown-up self starting to show here and there. She's been a great big sister, and it's so wonderful to see such a nurturing spirit within her. She's worked incredibly hard at school, has gotten top grades, and she even got into the fiercely competitive gifted program in our school district, so Katie will be going to a whole new school next year!

We could not be more proud of our little girl! :)

Happy 9th Birthday Krazy Katie!!!! Not sure who we'll feel about her turning 10 next year, but I guess we'll cross that bridge when we get to it! LOL!