Happy Father's Day 2017

Some keen readers of mine have picked up on the dirty little secret behind my writing and my website. It's not just surviving cancer as a young adult that I write about, but of dealing with that along with all of the other crazy shit that life tends to throw at you. Just because you've had cancer doesn't mean that you get a free pass on everything else. The truth is, my cancer fight as a young adult is just the tip of the iceberg at this point, and the challenges that my family and I have faced over the past ten years of our lives have been both unimaginable and unconscionable.

When I write a memoir, cancer is just going to be a small part of it, and I think a lot of people are going to be shocked by what I write about. Young adult cancer is not the only major challenge that my family and I have faced, and some of those things have equalled or exceeded the challenges that cancer has thrown our way. My "cancer memoir" is already written on my website, but the truth, and the "story behind the story," has yet to be written. "You can't make this shit up" has become a major theme of our lives. I haven't been ready to write about all of this, but I'm thinking the time might be coming soon to finally start.

Where am I going with all of this? Love, Appreciation, and Gratitude.

Who's who?? No wonder Facebook has trouble telling us apart! Lol!

Happy Father's Day to our beloved "GP", the man who's always been there for us through every bit of our crazy lives. He's always there when we need him, wherever we need him to be, and for whatever we need him to do. He's just there and omnipresent, and we love that about him. We have less than ideal and perfect relationships, but what in life ever is? The fact that he's always been there for us through some extremely distressing times in our lives has not gone unnoticed, and we truly do love and appreciate our GP for that.

Happy Father's Day, dad! We love you and thanks for all that you do!

As has become our tradition, we all enjoyed a nice extended weekend to Rehoboth Beach, DE for Father's Day. Next year, my son William says he wants to race in the Father's Day 5K run that goes right by the hotel that we usually stay at, so it's time to start training for him! Looking forward to doing a nice father-son 5k race next year in 2018. I'll be ready! :)