William's 'Yes Day' of 2018

We read about the concept of a 'YES DAY' somewhere online, and loved the idea. Lord knows our kids already have way too much stuff, so giving them yet more gifts and junk that they don't need for their birthdays has become a huge turnoff to us. The concept of a 'Yes Day' is that you allow your child full control over the day, and they get to do whatever they want to do, and go wherever they want to go (within reason), and you're not allowed to say no. It empowers them, because they're normally just along for the ride and don't have much control, and the gift is their experiences for the day rather than more junk. We tried it for William's birthday on February 21st, 2018, and it was a huge success.

William started his day off with breakfast at Ted's Bulletin with his Aunt Lily along with us, and his absolute favorite biscuits with gravy. This kid could wolf down biscuits and gravy all day long, but he had other plans. After breakfast, he may or may not have gotten a not quite legal ride in the front seat of the car for a very short distance, along with his very own Trenta iced tea from Starbucks! He had never ridden in the front seat before, so it was another great experience for him.

After a rest at home, his next request was to go to Zava Zone for an hour of bounce time. For anybody that knows William, they'll know he bounces and hops as much as he might walk, just like Tigger! 

We came back home and had leftover breakfast for lunch, and after that it was a few hours of fun at Dave & Busters playing all of the games. William is super lucky on the big ticket wheel game, and hit the 500 ticket jackpot twice, and on their last game together, both he and his sister spun the wheel one last time and hit the 1000 ticket jackpot together. They were so excited and happy, and William ended up with enough tickets to go home with a small indoor remote control helicopter, which is actually not a bad prize! 

For dinner, we hit another of William's favorites, Chik-fil-A! There's a short list of things that William could eat all day long, and Chik-fil-A sandwiches, Papa John's Pizza, and biscuits with gravy are it. I decided to go a bit European and spicy, and broke out the mayonaise and then the Texas Pete sauce for my fries. Would you believe William loved it too and became addicted, and now he loves his fries with mayo and Texas Pete sauce?? LOL! 

After we got home, it was XBox till he dropped!

He'd actually requested dim sum for lunch, but after Ted's Bulletin for breakfast, there was no way the rest of us could keep up with this kid's eating! So we had to delay this until the next day, but he still got his dim sum!

For his actual birthday party with friends, it was laser tag! Yes he did get gifts from friends there, but I think next year we might take things a step further and see if he'd like to donate his birthday to a charity or cause of some sort, because the world needs more of that, and less disposable junk piled up in their houses.

It was a great day, William had a blast, and I think the smiles and the photos prove it. We definitely recommend doing a 'Yes Day' for your kids rather than giving them yet more gifts and junk! 

For the full album of fun, click the link at the right!