Katie's 'Yes Day' of 2018

Our two kids could not be more different. They're both amazing, and challenging, in their own ways! :) For WIlliam's 'YES DAY', he was balls to the wall and wanted to use ever single minute that he had. Katie was decidedly more casual, and for the most part just wanted to bum out at home and watch TV all day! Uhh, okay, that's easy enough?!! 

If you're wondering what the heck a yes day is, check out William's blog for perhaps a much better example! :) Katie's birthday was Tuesday, April 3rd and she's 11 this year! We had just gotten back from our spring break trip to Southeast Asia, so we were totally jet lagged for her actual birthday meal at the Cheesecake Factory, and had her official Yes Day the following weekend.

She started out at Ted's Bulletin for breakfast, just like her brother. Well, they don't agree on too much, but they both like Ted's for breakfast, so score that as a win! LOL 

After breakfast she promptly bummed out on the couch and started her TV watching marathon. The one thing Katie wanted to do during the day is go do some more archery, which she had tried and loved at a Girl Scouts outing, so we took her out for that, and she's actually a pretty good shot!

She also wanted to go to Dave & Buster's like William did, but we realized that she just wanted to go for the cheap junky prizes and not for the actual games, so we didn't do that. It's pretty ridiculous to go to D&B for a few hours and blow over $100 on games just for a junky prize, so we had to "NO" that one and just got her the stuffed Pusheen that she really wanted for Amazon for a few bucks. That's not quite in the spirit of what a YES day is supposed to be, but it's better than standing around D&B for a few hours blowing a ridiculous amount of money when all she just wanted were the crappy prizes (William was all in for the games, so it was worth it for him). 

A few from Katie's archery session.

After bumming out on the couch and watching TV for the rest of the afternoon (she's totally a Netflix girl!) Princess Katie requested a nice dinner at Il Pizzico, which is a really good local favorite Italian restaurant right down the street from us. No problem there, either!

All in all she had a nice day, and really enjoyed the YES DAY concept as well.

For a direct link to Katie's full YES Day album, you can click the link at the right, or simply scroll through below. Hope you enjoyed!