Braving The Wilderness by Brene Brown Is The Story Of My Life

"Braving the Wilderness" by Brené Brown is the story of my life. Certainly anybody that's had cancer, especially as a young adult, will know what it feels like to be out in the "wilderness" on something, but this extremely awkward feeling and life experience has actually been a constantly recurring theme throughout my life in some of the most extraordinary ways. It's never anything I've enjoyed nor had much control over, but rather just had to endure.

Turning 40 has been a lot harder than I ever expected, and there's a lot of things in my life that I've still been struggling to come to terms with, including my cancer history. Braving the Wilderness has helped me to feel more at peace and at ease with much of this, rather than feeling the various forms of inner struggle that could have been keeping more than a few therapists busy instead. In essence, this book has confirmed my wildest suspicions that, yes, my life has been completely fucked up beyond all recognition in various ways, and that I have more than a few views and perspectives that the rest of my world and many of my friends and peers will never understand in a million years because of that, and it's okay if they don't. Just keep being you, and that's all you ever have to be. I loved the parallel themes between this book, and Anita Moorjani and Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, and it really helped to bring a lot of things together for me.

I'm feeling better inside than I have in months after reading this book, and so I wanted to give a shoutout to my friend who recommended it to me, and whom had actually thought of me when they had read it themselves. They know who they are, and I wanted them to know just how deeply loved and appreciated they are by me, because this is now the second time that this friend has helped to rescue me from some really awful thoughts that I'd been having, just by being themselves, and thinking of another. I've been trying to count my blessings lately to help pull myself out of this funk that I'd been in, and I'm very grateful to be able to count this person as one of them. If they were here, there would be hugs, tears, and Michelin Star dining involved for sure. Hope we can connect again one of these days to make it happen for real! Another missing puzzle piece found and delivered. Truly, thank you.

Steve Pake