Happy 10th Birthday William

Happy 10th Birthday to our awesome son, William! What a blessing to have you in our lives.

William has grown up a lot in the past year, but is still the joyous and silly little boy that he’s always been. He’s joined the Cub Scouts, has become much more interested in and inquisitive about the world that we live in, and has become a bit of a history buff too! Who knew William would love reading through old used books about World War II for hours on end?? He’ll also talk your ears off for hours until they bleed about Star Destroyers, hyperdrives, laser cannons, the Millennium Falcon, Lamborghinis, Panzer tanks, nukes, and on and on and on. :) In addition to all of the usual little boy stuff, William has also gone from being very timid around our dog, Puffles, to being much more comfortable around him. He can take him for walks on his own now, and has come to love him like a little brother, which has been a wonderful thing to see. William continues to be a great joy and blessing to have in our lives, and I’ve been so grateful to be here to see it all.

Happy Birthday, Little Man! We love you!

Here’s 10 photos from the past year to celebrate William’s 10th birthday.
Okay I lied, there’s 26. Who’s counting? :)