My primary mission is you, fellow young adult cancer fighters, survivors, and caregivers. By sharing fully and intimately in my cancer journey, I hope that it helps to make your own journey through cancer and the immediate years after just a little bit easier, and that you feel a little less alone. I haven't always understood why I'd been hurting, nor what the answers were. In time I found those answers, but knowing that there were others out there just like me and that I wasn't alone, made things so much easier. We're all the same inside, and feel the same things. You're never alone.  

My mission is also to help educate the medical community about what the lives of young adult cancer survivors are like, and what our needs are. A generation ago there were very few young adult cancer survivors, but today there are millions of us. There’s such a strong need right now in the medical and health communities for perspectives and voices from young adult cancer survivors, such that our needs can be better served in the future. What kind of support do we need? What helps us and what hurts us? What keeps us awake at night, and what helps us sleep better? What’s meaningful and what can make the difference for us? What affects our quality of life, and in what ways could that be improved? There's so much to talk about and yet to be written when it comes to cancer survivorship.