Snowzilla 2016

We got a record 3-plus FEET of snow here in the Washington, D.C. area from January 22-24th, 2016. So of course I was out with my cameras!! I left the Canon 5D Mark II parked in my cabinet, as it doesn't have very good weather sealing. The 7D Mark II however, was built for some abuse, so out it went. I used just about everything I have. From ultra-wides to my 100-400L II super-telephoto, and then high speed primes of just about all lengths for low light and snow flake isolation shots. And of course I had my Nikon AW1 out too. I did all of the sledding photos with that, as it's easier to handle while managing kids. I did end up accidentally dropping it in the snow a few times, so it's nice to not have to worry about it. That's what it's for! :-)

Snowzilla was crazy! Hope you enjoy the pics!