DC Cherry Blossoms 2017

I'm sooo behind on posting photo albums on here. There's lots of fun stuff I've wanted to share from last year, but just no time. We did get down into D.C. today to enjoy the famous Cherry Blossoms of the Tidal Basin. They took a huge hit from freezing weather after they had already started to bloom, but it was still very pretty! Thick overcast and no clear blue skies actually took away from the cherry blossoms more than the cold weather hit did, but again, still very pretty. The crowds were so thin early when we got there that we actually got done with our walk around the Tidal Basin early, so a stop for a bit at a Paul's bakery, and then onto brunch at one of our fav's, Acadiana. 

Photo gear: Canon 7D Mark II, Canon 18-135mm STM all-purpose zoom, Tokina 12-28mm f/4 ultra-wide, and the Canon 24mm f/2.8 STM pancake lens for food photos. I've just recently picked up the 18-135 and 12-28mm lenses, so trying them out a bit and pretty pleased.  Enjoy the photos!

UPDATE: A few somewhat sunny photos have been added to the end of the album from closer to home.