I know the first thing that a lot of people are thinking when they read about our trips to Singapore, is who the (bleep) goes to Singapore for vacation, especially when they don't even have any family there to visit?! Well, we do. It's a bit of a story, and yes Singapore is that amazing! 

I first flew to Singapore for work over Thanksgiving of 2005, and just fell in love with the place. I had visited my wife's home country of Taiwan for the first time earlier in the year, and just knew that she'd love Singapore and that I had to take her one day. Despite having been born and raised in the farm country of Miaoli, Taiwan, she's very much evolved into a modern professional shopaholic fashionista urbanite who would fit right in! I followed up my first trip to Singapore in 2005 with another in February of 2006, and then finally brought Debbie to Singapore for a "babymoon" in 2008. I had to risk my marriage to do it.