St Lucia

St Lucia is one of the most stunningly beautiful places that I've ever been to. My wife and I went in October of 2012, and it was also the first real getaway that we had together after my cancer fight in 2011. Our "getaway" in 2011 was a trip to New York City and Memorial Sloan-Kettering for initial post treatment follow-ups, but it wasn't much of a getaway when we realized that one of my kidneys was about to fail. We had to cancel most of our plans so that I could undergo diagnostics and a procedure to try to save my kidney. Yeah, that wasn't much fun and didn't really count, which is why we really needed this trip in 2012. It was blissful.

Cancer made me realize how truly fragile and precious our lives are, and how limited are time here can be. To share such an incredibly beautiful place with the woman of my dreams was truly special indeed. The weather was beautiful, and we stayed at the famous Ladera resort, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site. We loved every minute from start to finish, but for me, it was also the calm before a great storm.

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