Hurrah! Happy 38th birthday to me, and Welcome to v1.0 :-)

What's new? Well, this entire website is what's new! I'd been toying with the idea of setting up my own website and blog for quite a number of years, and the timing finally felt right to do so. The primary purpose of this website is to serve as the central hub for my cancer writing. I've been the sole blogger at the Testicular Cancer Awareness Foundation for over a year now, but am starting to branch out with monthly blogs for the I Had Cancer organization, where I'm able to reach far more people and age groups. I've also been interviewed by and featured in national news media stories about my cancer journey, and it just seemed like the right thing to do to create a space for myself on the web that would be a one stop shop for anyone interested in my writing.

I've also noticed that social media has become much more fragmented as of late. Facebook used to have critical mass, and probably still does, but I know more than a few people that have left the platform due to one issue or annoyance or another, other platforms have evolved and become more appealing, and plenty of people aren't on social media at all. And as a writer and content creator that puts his heart and soul into what he does, it's been very irksome for me to see some of my posts get washed away in things like Facebook's screwy News Feed display algorithm, prioritizing junk posts from buzzfeed type websites. It's sad to see a place like Facebook devolving a bit into a medium to share all of the junk/chain emails that people used to send around. I know my writing is better than that, and deserves its own place where it can be more easily found.

So much work yet to be done, but good to go on launch day! I've only ported over a small portion of my blogs from TCAF to date, and most links on the archive page point externally. As time allows, I'll get those blogs transferred to here with both internal and external links. Coming soon, within the next week or two, there will be clickable "LIFE" and "PHOTOGRAPHY" blogs available from the Blog link in the title bar at the top of the page. Launch posts for these aren't quite ready yet, so didn't want to have those items displayed with nothing in them yet. I've also created a new Facebook page, as the social media front end of this website. Be sure to Like the page!

Check back here for the latest.