Photography Section now Live and Misc Updates

If you mouse over the Blogs section, you'll now see the Photography section. Check it out!

There's blogs and galleries about hiking Old Rag Mountain, and an engagement style shoot that I did for my friends Pete & Marnie. I'm not going to put all of my photography on here, just the big stuff that would be appropriate to share. For more daily life type photography, the best place for that is my Instagram. Feel free to connect and say hey!

Also, the Cancer Blog section has now been backfilled with all of my blogs from 2015, with just a few left to backfill from 2014. 

Have also updated the Essays section with links on each essay to the corresponding blog posts, so that you can more easily comment or share on social media.

The Archives section is actually going to be split out into a few different static pages, as I have too much content in too many different places now. Not a bad problem to have. :)