Godspeed Jordan "Sunshine" Jones


When I started volunteering as a blogger for Kim Jones and the Testicular Cancer Awareness Foundation back in 2014, I did so because I was inspired by the story of Jordan Jones, loved the energy of the Jones family, and their dedication to their mission of spreading awareness about testicular cancer. It just felt like the right place for me to be, and putting my energy into. Never in a million years did I dream or imagine that just a few short years later, we'd all be saying goodbye to Jordan like this.

The story of Jordan Jones is the one that all of us, every single one of us cancer survivors and co-survivors, fears inside. It's the fear that we'll "beat cancer" and be back to our lives and living, and make it through all of our big two and five year milestones and be declared "cured", only for cancer to still rear its ugly head again many years later. Oncologists like to joke that the two most curable cancers are testicular cancer, and then recurrences of testicular cancer. It's of little comfort to any of us, and not even true in the case of late recurrences like these, which have a poor prognosis. Although late recurrences are rare, and tend to occur more often in those who had very advanced stage cancer initially such as Jordan's, the fact is, late recurrences can happen to anyone, regardless of the initial stage of our cancers. Jordan fought like hell, and some important discoveries were made along the way that will surely help the next guys down the road. All of Jordan's fighting and suffering over the past year wasn't for naught (Jordan's own words), but it still hurts beyond belief to be saying goodbye like this.

We don't have any control over the two big dates in our lives, just the dash in between. That second date may have now been etched in stone for Jordan, but Jordan didn't "lose" to cancer. "You beat cancer by how you live, why you live, and the manner in which you live. So LIVE!" says Stuart Scott. Jordan LIVED and "dashed" well. Merely Jordan's diseased body has died. His spirit and his energy lives on, is free of all of the tremendous suffering he experienced, and he will remain a hero for helping to bring awareness of testicular cancer to millions across the world, for inspiring so many of us, and for all of the lives he touched with his amazing energy. 

The inspiration I gained from Jordan and the Jones family, and making the most of the time you have, is a significant part of my own story now in learning how to overcome all of my post-cancer fears. We all would have liked to see Jordan's dash last so much longer, but my God did he dash. That brings me comfort personally, knowing that he lived so well. Thanks for all of the love and energy that you brought into the world, and for having inspired so many of us. We will all miss you dearly, but your memories and energy will be kept alive for ages to come. 

You've done well, Sunshine.☀️♏️󾮗

Please keep Jordan's mother, Kim Jones, his father, Jeff, and his loving sister, Breanna Jones, in your prayers as they face the loss of such an incredible soul in their lives.

RIP Jordan "Sunshine" Jones, June 8th, 2016, 4:33pm.