Cancer Education & Policy

I've written a few educational and cancer policy type blogs, sometimes in response to current events, or a national cancer policy debate. That collection of works is shared here.

There's a general perception in the public that some cancers are no big deal, given their high cure rates, and the latest TV medical dramas that always seem to be trumpeting miracle cures. This couldn't be further from the truth. The truth about so-called "easy cancers" are shared in "Testicular Cancer Wasn't That Bad?", and "There Is No Easy Cancer" below, the latter of which really struck a (good) nerve in the cancer community, and was shared and spread widely!

If you hit Google for "Testicular Cancer Pregnancy Test", the blog I wrote at the Testicular Cancer Awareness Foundation titled, "The Truth About Testicular Cancer Markers, and Detection with Pregnancy Tests" is the #2 search result, right behind Snopes, and even beating out WebMD, and all US and UK-based media websites. This blog in particular reaches over a thousand people per month, and it's a great honor to have solid information that I've put together reach so many people, in the face of so much misinformation. 

I've also responded to what I and many have felt has been terrible recommendations from the USPSTF (US Preventive Services Task Force) against simple testicular self-exams to aide in the early detection of testicular cancer. These are covered in the bottom two links, "Doctors Say, Keep Checking Your Nuts," and "The Value of Testicular Self-Exams and Early Detection from the Survivorship Perspective."