May is Mental Health Awareness Month

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and as a survivor of a young adult cancer I’ve had to overcome perhaps more than my fair share of mental health issues stemming from my cancer fight and treatments. Anxiety and depression are very common for anyone that’s faced a health crisis, but especially for young adults who have so much of their lives in front of them, and who never expected anything like this so early in life. Cancer survivors can commonly suffer from PTSD symptoms as well, if not the full blown disorder. It was the posttraumatic stress symptoms that I had been suffering from in 2013, two years after my cancer diagnosis, that compelled me to turn to writing as a form of therapy because I didn’t know what else to do. My writing stuck and was effective, it helped me to overcome my post-cancer traumatic stress and other mental health issues, and eventually evolved into fully public writing about life as a young adult testicular cancer survivor and advocate, and this award-winning website.

The focus of my writing as a young adult cancer survivor has been to empower cancer fighters and survivors to make the needed changes in their lives to overcome and evolve past the challenges of life after cancer, including the multitude of mental health issues that this population can face. Cancer is not just a disease of our bodies, it’s a disease within our minds as well, and can continue to affect us in the form of these mental health issues for many years after our physical fights against cancer are over. You’re never alone in what you’re facing no matter how isolated you might feel. The core of our humanity binds us all together, and we all feel similar things despite how different everyone thinks they are. It’s in our human nature to hide our pain from others, which is why everyone thinks they suffer alone or that no one else has ever experienced what you are today. Just ask me.

As such for Mental Health Awareness Month, I’ve curated a collection of my blogs that have more mental health centric themes, and that I hope will inspire and empower you to take control of your lives and your minds, and to help give you the hope needed to overcome whatever it is that you’re facing inside. I overcame everything below, and you can too.

See also my dedicated page and essay series about PTSD after Cancer.

Mental Health Awareness Month Blogs