That time Debbie and I turned 40…
and ate our way through DC and NYC! Lol!

I think turning 40 is a pretty big thing for a lot of people, but especially for Debbie and I, after all we’d been through and far beyond just my cancer fight earlier in life, we really needed to enjoy ourselves and celebrate! For many years as a young adult cancer survivor in my 30’s, I never thought I’d make it to 40, and just became more and more wound up and paranoid as the date approached. I think we were both too superstitious to throw any big parties (I know I was), not wanting to attract any unwanted attention from the Universal powers that be, waiting to strike again and throw yet another massive curve ball at us. So we just had a bunch of great but more low key and private nights out on our own, and with family and friends that we love and care about to celebrate.

I turned 40 on October 27, 2017, and my beautiful bride turned “28” again on January 1, 2018! It was a great time that I’ll never forget. Here’s to at least the next 40! :)