Testicular Cancer Awareness Month Articles by Steve Pake


Life has not afforded me too much time over the past year or so to dedicate to advocacy work, but for Testicular Cancer Awareness Month in April, I always try to get this curated collection of articles out there into the community and the public to help raise awareness about not just the disease itself, but what we as testicular and young adult cancer survivors go through in the aftermath.

My cancer fight was in 2011, but it wasn't until 2014 that I started writing publicly about the disease and engaged in advocacy work, and the reason was because I was completely caught off guard about how difficult and challenging life after cancer was. I took to writing as a form of therapy for myself, and made the decision to share all of this publicly in order to help others. I'm happy to say that all of these blogs and more have made a huge difference for others, and that through cross-publishing they have been seen by hundreds of thousands if not millions across the world. I'm truly proud of all of this, and I hope it helps you as it's helped me.

There are two groups of articles below. The first group covers the core educational pieces that I've written about testicular cancer and some of the treatment options, and the importance of testicular self-exams, along with essential articles about cancer survivorship that are most appropriate to help educate the general public about testicular cancer. The second group of articles are core cancer survivorship articles, and are geared more towards those in the thick of this who might be struggling in the aftermath of cancer as I had been. These articles empower survivors to evolve themselves and to make the needed changes in your lives in order to power past the challenges that a history of cancer presents us with. 

Core Testicular Cancer Education and Policy Articles

The Essentials: What those affected by testicular cancer, Care Providers, and the general public Should Know about testicular cancer


CURATED ARTICLES ON THE CHALLENGES OF life after cancer. This is what you or your loved one or patient are likely to be facing, even long after treatments have ended