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Please do not message me on social media, as I no longer pay any attention to it whatsoever. It is highly likely that I will miss your messages there. I’ve deleted all of my personal social media accounts, and have also deleted the apps off of my phone. While my @yacancerbysteve accounts remain, I’m not actively monitoring them and have pulled their links from this website.

The very best way to get in touch with me as of May 2019 is via Telegram, which offers secure and end-to-end encrypted chats via either mobile app or desktop, and which is free from any would-be censors or eavesdropping. (Learn more). I can’t believe I’m having to talk about such things in 21st century America, but here we are.


Telegram Steve @K2xxSteve

Telegram Steve @K2xxSteve


Traditional Email still works for me too, via the form below

While I do try my best to get back to everybody within 24 hours, it might take me a few days depending on urgency, and my work, business travel, and family schedule.

  • Please no commercial solicitations. This is a personal website and blog, and I am not interested in reviewing and/or endorsing products or services, and will not respond to such requests.

  • I also do not allow third-party guest blogs or content on my website, and will not respond to inquiries of this nature either.

  • About doing Podcasts, collaborations, joint projects, etc. I have to be very selective with my time due to my wife and I both having busy jobs, and having a very active family with two kids, a dog, and a disabled adult that we care for also. As a result, I typically reserve my time for those most in need, such as those facing active cancer treatment decisions, recurrences, and/or those struggling in the aftermath of cancer. I appreciate those who have reached out about doing these types of things, but with regrets, I typically won’t have the time to commit. My family has to come first.

Of course, if you’re family or personal friends that lost or somehow didn’t have contact information for us, by all means drop me a line so that we can get back in touch! :)

Thanks for your understanding.

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