Happy 1st Birthday Puffles

Happy 1st Birthday to our amazing, adorable,
and beloved mini goldendoodle, Puffles!

Is it October 10th already? Yes it is! When we heard from Amy Lane at Fox Creek Farm that our puppy had been born on October 10th, we knew it was fate and that we were meant to have him, because October 10th (ten-ten) is also National Taiwan Day every year, and we’re a Taiwanese family. By the way, a “Puffle” is a tasty Asian egg waffle ice cream treat, which given his fluffy and “puffy” coat and birth on National Taiwan Day, all just made for the perfect name for him.

While I’m at it, here’s some recent photos of Puffles along with us on the 3 mile hike around Hawksbill Mountain in Shenandoah National Park. He did great and loved the hike!

It sure has been a lot of work becoming a dog family, but Puffles is the absolute perfect doggy in every way. He’s so unbelievably smart, playful, and energetic, yet still so cuddly and happy to roll over on his back for some belly rubs all the same. He has such a wonderful personality, and its such a blessing to have him in our lives. He’s made us all better humans, too.

We ended up celebrating his birthday a day early on the 9th, because our daughter Katie had a special school trip of a few days to go on starting on the 10th. I got him out to the park twice, once over lunch and then right after I got home from work and let him chase his favorite ball around off leash. He’s not very tall, so he always loves it when the grass has just been mowed, and always has the biggest smile on his face when I’m about to let him off leash to go run at maximum speed. We still remember when he was just a tiny little puppy and most of us could outrun him, but not anymore! He’s super fast now, and had such a great time at the park.

We spoiled him with a special doggy birthday cake from Okra & Molly, which he loved! After having two pieces of it and licking up the crumbs, he stood at attention looking at all of us and just looked so happy and content. We’re so glad he loves his family! He’s so worth it, and brings so much love and joy to all of us. What a special soul to have in our lives.


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