Do What Is Right, Not What Is Easy

We're creatures of habit. We stick with what we know, even when it might be hurting us, and even when we're broken inside. It's easy to just do nothing and keep suffering, but is that what's right? It's hard to change your ways, to change your lifestyle, to change your friends, your social circles, your routines, your beliefs, your views, and your attitudes, but sometimes that's what we have to do in order to get ourselves out of the holes that we're in, and to ultimately thrive again.

Cancer as a young adult turned my world upside down. It was the storm that tore me apart, and so it makes perfect sense to me now, 5 years later, that almost no stone was left unturned in trying to right my world again. Ask me what I changed in my life after cancer, and the answer is everything, all of the above. Love for my wife and my family, and my desire to live and thrive again, are the only things that have remained constant. Everything else has changed. None of this is easy, and change can be messy and chaotic, but also healthy, needed, and what's right for you. Take the long view to love and care of yourself first. Short-term awkwardness and discomfort from making needed changes in your lives, are well worth the price of admission to the longer term feelings of peace and happiness that doing what's right for you can bring. Do what's right for you, always.