If You Don't Have Good Intentions, Please Just Leave Us Alone - We're Tired

Many of the things that I write about are reflective of challenges faced and lessons learned in years past while overcoming cancer as a young adult, but this one is just as relevant today as it's been in the past. It's not just cancer and all of it's ugly aftermath that I've faced, but extremely hurtful and challenging personal situations with people I had considered friends, and that had been a part of my life, and now onto a terrible tragedy within our families that we're still trying to make sense of even months after the fact.

My wife and I are strong. We've been through each other's darkest days and most painful moments, and have loved each other and supported each other through it all. We're better, stronger, more in love, and more committed to each other than we've ever been, but we're also tired. Life has asked quite a bit of us, and continues to do so in the most extraordinary ways. To be a part of our lives, you have to be a force for good in our lives, and nothing less will do. We needed every bit of that when the enemy was cancer, and we still need every bit of that today. If you don't have good and positive intentions towards us, please just go. We love and adore our family and our friends that have been by our sides. Thank you for all of your support.