Life's Short - Spend It With Friends Who Make You Laugh and Feel Loved

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As a cancer survivor, I've felt so afraid, threatened, and vulnerable, and that my time might be cut short. It's been so important for me to make the most of every moment, and to spend time with those that just help me feel good, that can make me laugh, and help me forget. Cancer raised my bar for friendship through the roof. I need to feel good vibes and positive energy from everyone that I spend time with, and nothing less will do. Cancer flipped my entire world upside down, and part of righting my life has been making a lot of changes in social circles, and with whom I consider to be my friends. 

There are those that quietly disappeared from my life, as soon as the words "I have cancer" were mentioned, others who should have been there but weren't, and those whom I cared for or might have even loved, as friends, but just weren't the right people for me, or that I didn't get the right energy from. It's painful to say goodbye and to make changes like these, but cancer is a painful life experience for which you need the strongest support. We have no control over cancer entering our lives, but we do have control over whom we choose to surround ourselves with.

Find the best people for you. They'll make all the difference in the world.