Sometimes What You Are Most Afraid of Doing Is The Very Thing That Will Set You Free

Afraid to Do.jpg

I've been waiting for awhile to use this one, and today just seemed like an entirely appropriate day. Human beings are creatures of habit. We stick with what we know, even when it's hurting us, or even causing us tremendous amounts of pain. It's only when the pain that we experience finally far exceeds our fear of the unknown, that we cast ourselves off, and this is exactly what it looks and feels like to do.

I've had to completely reboot my life several times as a cancer survivor, because I needed to thrive, and couldn't bear the pain that I had been feeling inside anymore. I didn't know what was next, nor even where I might land, just that I needed to go in a new direction.

Yes, jumping off like this caused periods of tremendous uncertainty, but I eventually found my way, established new routines, new relationships, and new ways of living. My post-cancer inner world is calm today. I'm no longer living in fear or dealing with anxiety, nor am I suffering from post traumatic stress any longer. I'm truly at peace. This has been invaluable to me, and you can't put a price on peace of mind. Jumping off of a cliff might have looked crazy, foolish, and stupid to others, but I was doing what was right for me, and it's what set me free.

This isn't even really a #Brexit post, but you know it could have been.😉 I'm not judging it one way or the other, but it's the same human nature in play, just about something other than cancer. It takes courage, and I get it, and I admire it, and wish everyone the best of luck weather you're dealing with a major political decision, or a personal or health related one.