Soulmates Aren't Always About Love


How lucky and blessed am I to not just be married to an incredibly beautiful woman who is a soulmate to me in every sense, but to also have friends in my life who have been soulmates as well. Soulmate friends are people that can just connect with me and get me in a way that others don't, or those that are a perfect complement and have been exactly what I've needed them to be. They're people that have helped me understand myself and grow, and those that have helped me laugh, forget, and heal.

I've felt very soulful bonds towards both male and female friends through these years of struggle after cancer, and some of those friends just happen to be very beautiful women as well. I've been hesitant to write about just how powerfully I've felt towards friends like these, because I've feared it being misinterpreted as romantic or sexual in nature by those who have not known the terrible darkness that I have, and the light that these friends represented in my time of need. It's not about gender, or faces, or bodies, or sex. It transcends all of that, and is the deepest and most soulful love and appreciation that one can have for other beautiful beings of this world, who just happened to appear and be exactly what you needed, at the precise moment that you were most in need.

I was so lost for awhile. These friends of mine helped me to become found again. There is no greater love and appreciation that one can have, and it is a great blessing to feel this energy and influence in my life every day.