You Will Find What You Look For, So Look For Something Wonderful

I was chatting with a friend of mine last year, who found herself caught up in a terrible life situation not relating to health, and was struggling to deal with it all and find meaning in it. She was trying to find a silver lining in her situation, but I've never liked that way of thinking. A silver lining is a consolation prize, or something that's second best. Why settle, I told her? If you're going so far as to try to find a silver lining, why not just try to find a golden one? So long as your hearts and your minds are fully open, you'll find what you're looking for, so why not try to find something even better?

As much hell and misery and turmoil that having cancer as a young adult has brought into my life, there are elements of it that have been absolutely stunningly beautiful, and humanity at its finest. I see the beauty just in life and living, and every single day. So much of it was there all along, but unnoticed. Nothing is taken for granted anymore, and I love and appreciate everything. If it took so much sorrow and suffering in my life to gain this ability, is that not a great gift, and a golden lining? I choose to see it as such. Happy Friday!