Mother's Day at Longwood Gardens

It's become a bit of a tradition to meet my folks at Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, PA for a Mother's Day get together. There's a bunch of good places to have a nice brunch around there, and the gardens are beautiful, and great for family photos.

I've been "phoning it in" lately with my photography, and just used my Canon 7D Mark II, 18-135mm STM "kit" lens, and then my Tokina 12-28mm ultra-wide lens for photos. Having some powerful fill flash is critical for good outdoor portraits when you're also dealing with deep shadows, but alas, I only had the pop-up flash on my 7D2 to use, and not a real external flash gun like my 580EX that I left at home. (I did mention phoning in my photography lately, right?) I'm finally going to pick up a camera that I've wanted for years that has some unique capabilities that give it the ability to power through facial shadows in daylight much better than an ordinary camera, due to its special leaf shutter design that allows it to sync with the flash at extremely high shutter speeds. Oops, I kinda gave it away there, a little, but I hope to get it soon. 

Here are the photos. Enjoy, and Happy Mother's Day!