Rock Bottom Became The Foundation On Which I Rebuilt My Life

Just short of two years after my cancer diagnosis, I hit rock bottom. A friend of mine had died of his cancer, other friends were experiencing recurrences of theirs, I had strange things going on with my body, and thought for sure that my cancer had returned. I feared that I had just lived my last good days, and that I was going to die. There were so many bad omens in the world, and I felt surrounded by death. Someone that I had thought was a friend completely betrayed my friendship and my trust, and I didn't even know who my friends were anymore, when I needed them the most. I was hurting so badly inside from the terrible trials that life after cancer was putting me through, that I cried every single day for a month. I didn't even know why I was hurting as badly as I was, how I even needed to live my life, nor who my friends even were.
I had hit rock bottom. But it was from this point, at rock bottom, on which I rebuilt my life. Completely new routines, new or existing friends that I brought closer who could truly connect with me in the ways that I needed, and help to mentor and guide me, and new philosophies on which to live my life and approach my days. It was from this point, at rock bottom, that true healing after cancer finally began, and on which the foundation was laid that I'm able to thrive today.