The Highest Form of Ignorance Is When You Reject Something You Don't Know Anything About

I love every single comment I get about my writing, including the occasional backfires. I knew when writing "PTSD After Cancer Part III" that I would catch some flak from somewhere for mentioning faith and spiritual beliefs as a way of healing, and I was right. The funny thing is that I myself had rejected faith as a way of healing previously. I had been closed to it, and even politely declined a few friends who had invited me into their churches. I didn't need it. Religion, and especially organized religion, wasn't what I was looking for. I made a lot of progress on my own, but could never seem to heal completely, and I'd have done anything to end the pain that I continued to feel inside even years after cancer. I was just tired of continuing to hurt from this. It was completely reversing course on faith, and developing an independent set of spiritual beliefs and going all in on them, that finally managed to heal me completely.

I'm not saying that anyone is right or wrong. This is an independent journey, and we all have to find our own ways. The only thing I'm saying is to keep an open mind. See my last post about needing to completely rearrange our lives, and getting out of our comfort zones. Faith was something that hadn't been a part of my life before, but that needed to be after cancer, that I only realized after 4 years. I wish I had realized this before, as it could have spared me quite a bit of internal suffering. Finally allowing myself faith and something to believe in beyond our physical existence tamed my mind, and took the wind right out of the sails of all of my inner fears. I'm truly in awe of the power of our own beliefs. Had my mind still been closed, I'd likely still be afraid, and still hurting inside today. Instead my mind is free and at peace. Always keep an open mind. What you reject today, could end up being your cure tomorrow.