You Are The Result of 4 Billion Years of Evolutionary Success - Act Like It

Part of coping with post-traumatic stress after cancer has been my attitude and mindset towards it, and the realization that there is NOTHING wrong with me. PTS is a very normal thing to experience for anyone who's been through traumatic experiences. But because PTS is only generically referred to as "PTSD", post-traumatic stress DISORDER, people just assume that there's something wrong with them, are afraid to talk about it, and don't seek the support that they need. We did not come to the position that we're in on our planet because we have poor instincts. We actually have extremely powerful instincts that are always lurking below the surface, and that serve us extremely well. PTS after traumatic events is not what's wrong with you, it's what's RIGHT. Check out my series of essays about PTS/PTSD After Cancer at my website.